How Social Media Continues to Change Recruiting and Hiring

Social Media

Social Media


Another8 founder Scott Robarge recruits top talent for early to mid-stage tech companies throughout the United States. In recent years, Scott Robarge has increasingly shifted his efforts to social media, and continues to remain apprised of developments in social media and networking technology.

Social media allows for creativity in recruiting. Nearly all recruiters rely on Facebook and LinkedIn, but the savviest professionals are finding success with more casual chat oriented outlets such as WhatsApp and Snapchat. Data suggests that contacting a candidate on his or her favorite platform is much more successful than a one-off message on LinkedIn or an unsolicited email.

These more intimate forms of social media are valuable for building a rapport and making a workplace seem appealing. Businesses can live stream a corporate event or send Snaps of a fun morning meeting. These tools allow companies and recruiters to share a little taste of the corporate culture, which can help attract compatible candidates.