Recruitment Technology and the Job Candidate

Scott Robarge, founder of the recruiting firm Another8, draws on two decades of industry experience. Scott Robarge and his team of recruiters focus on identifying client company needs and recruiting candidates to meet those needs.

Although technology has been a part of the recruitment industry for a number of years, experts believe that it has not yet gone far enough beyond the simple digitization of job boards. For the most part, recruitment technology begins by attracting potentially qualified candidates and subsequently eliminating those without a particular qualification or skill set. Industry innovators suggest that a more proactive approach is needed, both to improve the quality of the applicant pool and to source those candidates who are not actively looking for employment.

According to recruitment executive Jon Bischke, many Generation Y professionals expect companies to come looking for them if an opportunity arises. This stems largely from the social media climate that enables each person to his or her own online brand and the ability to constantly market themselves with minimal effort. Recruitment technology companies are leveraging this attitude to create programs that track candidates and reach out to them on a regular basis, which ideally improves both the candidate experience and the hiring company’s chance of finding the most qualified individual.