SnowFlake Computing – Scalability Built Into Cloud Data Warehousing


Scott Robarge

Scott Robarge

Partnering with nimble technology enterprises, Scott Robarge provides recruiting solutions that connect specialized professionals with venture-backed startups. Seeking out the most talented personnel possible, Scott Robarge maintains a growth-focused client roster that includes Plenty, Stripe, and Snowflake Computing.

Launched in 2014, the latter company is known for enterprise data warehousing solutions that are designed from the ground up within the cloud. Built for speed and reliability, Snowflake is able to handle intensive corporate workloads and provides storage that is seamlessly scalable and without disruption. Its columnar database is designed with execution capacities that comfortably fulfill demanding and company-specific analytic requirements.

A recently released Total Economic Impact by Forrester Consulting quantified the advantage provided by the firm’s Data Warehouse-As-A-Service solution. Taking the cost of ownership into consideration, the report evaluates a number of customer experiences centered on deploying Snowflake platforms. In total, the cost and time benefits generated by using its next-generation solution netted a return of investment of more than 600 percent over a three-year period.