Qualities of a Good Third-Party Recruiter

Scott Robarge

Scott Robarge

Scott Robarge serves as the founder of Another8, a recruitment consultancy working with tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Scott Robarge also stands out as the co-founder of Alpine Recruiting, through which he recruited IT talent.

Third-party recruiters bring tremendous value to companies looking to fill vacant positions and secure their talent pipeline. Professional recruiters have deep networks and steady resources to find and recruit the best talent in the market. They can save corporate hiring managers hours of time by managing their recruitment processes and securing headcount targets.

For corporates, a good third-party recruiter wears many hats. He or she will ask relevant questions to uncover the right candidate for the job in question. The recruiter will develop a comprehensive job description that adequately defines a profile, a job title that includes seniority level, and core skills necessary for the role.

Moreover, the recruiter will go beyond the vacant position to look at the overall company culture: is it collaborative, traditional, casual, or corporate? He or she will seek to place a candidate who will fit well within that culture. In addition to taking the time to screen and prepare candidates for open positions, a good recruiter will work to build a long-term relationship with the corporate client.

SnowFlake Computing – Scalability Built Into Cloud Data Warehousing


Scott Robarge

Scott Robarge

Partnering with nimble technology enterprises, Scott Robarge provides recruiting solutions that connect specialized professionals with venture-backed startups. Seeking out the most talented personnel possible, Scott Robarge maintains a growth-focused client roster that includes Plenty, Stripe, and Snowflake Computing.

Launched in 2014, the latter company is known for enterprise data warehousing solutions that are designed from the ground up within the cloud. Built for speed and reliability, Snowflake is able to handle intensive corporate workloads and provides storage that is seamlessly scalable and without disruption. Its columnar database is designed with execution capacities that comfortably fulfill demanding and company-specific analytic requirements.

A recently released Total Economic Impact by Forrester Consulting quantified the advantage provided by the firm’s Data Warehouse-As-A-Service solution. Taking the cost of ownership into consideration, the report evaluates a number of customer experiences centered on deploying Snowflake platforms. In total, the cost and time benefits generated by using its next-generation solution netted a return of investment of more than 600 percent over a three-year period.

Red Wings Extend Dylan Larkin’s Contract

Dylan Larkin pic

Dylan Larkin
Image: si.com

Since 2010, Scott Robarge has served as the founding principal of Another8, where he recruits professionals for early and mid-stage tech companies in northern California. A native of Michigan and a graduate of the University of Michigan, Scott Robarge supports the Detroit Red Wings, which recently re-signed star center Dylan Larkin under a five-year contract.

A native of Waterford, Michigan, Dylan Larkin played for one season at the University of Michigan, where he earned the Big Ten Rookie of the Year award. The Red Wings drafted him as the 15th overall pick in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft, and he debuted with the team at the age of 19. During his rookie year, he earned a spot in the NHL All-Star Game and broke the record for the fastest skater competition.

Since then, Larkin has become one of the Red Wings’ leading players. In the 2017-18 season, he led the team in scoring and recorded 63 points in 82 games, which was almost double the number of points he made in the previous season. As a young player with significant experience for his age, Larkin will continue to be a key figure for the Red Wings over the next five years.

Effective Twitter Features for Recruiting New Talents

Image: twitter.com


A business executive and recruiter, Scott Robarge is the principal and founder of Another8, a leading recruitment firm that connects skilled professionals with venture-backed startups and high-growth organizations. In a career spanning over 15 years, he has provided business and recruitment solutions to companies like Airbnb, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Facebook, Zendesk, Oracle, and many others. In this position, Scott Robarge takes advantage of digital recruitment tools such as Twitter to hire new talent.

Twitter, one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide, can be a powerful tool for finding skilled professionals through the site’s advanced search, Twitter list, and hashtag features.

Twitter’s advanced search option allows recruiters to search candidates through a single criterion or a combination of criteria including job title, industry, location, keywords, and hashtags. Twitter lists are also an efficient way to organize a feed and send out tweets exclusively to the intended accounts. Potential candidates can be quickly added to these lists so they will receive firsthand information for new job openings. Using hashtags is a simple way to search tweets for candidates who are actively looking for jobs.

University of Michigan Appoints New Dean of School of Public Health


University of Michigan pic

University of Michigan
Image: umich.edu

With more than 20 years of experience in the recruiting industry, Scott Robarge is the founder of Another8 in San Francisco. He typically recruits for Tier-1 venture capital companies looking for sales, product, engineering, and operations professionals. Additionally, Scott Robarge holds a bachelor’s in industrial and operations engineering from the University of Michigan (UM).

Recently, UM announced the appointment of a new dean of the School of Public Health, F. DuBois Bowman. Experienced with research in mental health disease and neurological disorders, including depression and Alzheimer’s disease, F. DuBois Bowman holds a master’s in biostatistics from UM and a PhD in biostatistics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Effective October 15, he will start a five-year term not only as dean of the School of Public Health but also as a professor of biostatistics, with tenure.

Bowman comes to UM having served as chair of Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health and as the Cynthia and Robert Citrone-Roslyn and Leslie Goldstein Professor of Biostatistics. He stated that he is honored to join UM’s renowned School of Public Health, where students and faculty work to promote change through scientific evidence that informs future healthcare policy and community engagement.

New Drug May Slow Mental Decline of Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease


Alzheimer’s Association pic

Alzheimer’s Association
Image: alz.org

A graduate of the University of Michigan with a bachelor’s in industrial and operations engineering, Scott Robarge has founded and headed recruiting companies including Alpine Recruiting and Another8. Outside of his current role at Another 8, Scott Robarge is a longtime supporter of the Alzheimer’s Association, which recently announced promising results of a new drug that may slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

In a recent drug trial by biotech companies Eisai and Biogen, drug BAN2401 led to a 30 percent drop in mental decline for patients who received the highest dose of the drug. Ultimately, the drug didn’t meet the goals for the trial, but the experimental therapy removed a significant amount of sticky plaque accumulated in participants’ brains.

The results come with a few caveats, specifically related to the method used to measure mental decline. Researchers from the companies used a scale that blended sections of three commonly used tests, but they were the first to use such a measure. Also, the sample size was small, but results offer a bit of hope to families of patients with Alzheimer’s after several decades of failed clinical trials.

Alzheimer’s Association Ambassador Program Advocates for Policy Change

Alzheimer’s Association pic

Alzheimer’s Association
Image: alz.org


Scott Robarge is the founder and principal of Another8, a recruitment firm in California that focuses on connecting professionals with high-growth organizations and venture-backed startups. Beyond his work for the company, Scott Robarge supports the Alzheimer’s Association. The organization unites supporters in becoming effective Alzheimer’s advocates through its Ambassador Program, which is part of a trio of programs designed to empower volunteers to work toward federal and state policy changes.

Members of the program consist of dedicated grassroots volunteers who care for and improve the quality of life of dementia patients and their families by educating and engaging policymakers on critical Alzheimer’s issues. Each volunteer serves as a main point of in-district contact to an assigned Congress member and works on building a trusting relationship with his or her congressional office staff. Volunteers also collaborate with the Alzheimer’s Congressional Team (ACT), another of the Alzheimer’s Association’s political advocacy programs. Individuals interested in becoming Ambassadors must commit to a one-year term and may renew their involvement thereafter.