Tech Jobs – Hiring and Salary Trends in Silicon Valley

With two decades of experience as a senior recruiter and business leader, Scott Robarge has served as the principal of his recruiting consultancy, Another8, since 2010. Scott Robarge and his team at Another8 recruit talent to fill a wide range of positions for early-stage and established technology companies.

In a January 2015 article, Forbes reviewed the hiring and salary status for tech jobs in cities around the country, including the Silicon Valley region. Forbes reported that Silicon Valley still ranks as the highest-paying location in the nation for tech jobs, with an average salary that increased by almost four percent from the previous year. Around the country, Forbes found that tech salaries have increased by two percent.

According to the technology job resource site Dice, a variety of Silicon Valley companies, ranging from industry giants such as Google to startup software firms such as Cloudera, are looking for tech staff. The president of Dice, Shravan Goli, stated that venture funding has remained plentiful, and noted that the largest job growth is in big data, cloud services, and mobile applications. Additionally, Doli has noticed that consumer Internet services, such as Uber, have been adding staff.