Qualities of a Good Third-Party Recruiter

Scott Robarge

Scott Robarge

Scott Robarge serves as the founder of Another8, a recruitment consultancy working with tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Scott Robarge also stands out as the co-founder of Alpine Recruiting, through which he recruited IT talent.

Third-party recruiters bring tremendous value to companies looking to fill vacant positions and secure their talent pipeline. Professional recruiters have deep networks and steady resources to find and recruit the best talent in the market. They can save corporate hiring managers hours of time by managing their recruitment processes and securing headcount targets.

For corporates, a good third-party recruiter wears many hats. He or she will ask relevant questions to uncover the right candidate for the job in question. The recruiter will develop a comprehensive job description that adequately defines a profile, a job title that includes seniority level, and core skills necessary for the role.

Moreover, the recruiter will go beyond the vacant position to look at the overall company culture: is it collaborative, traditional, casual, or corporate? He or she will seek to place a candidate who will fit well within that culture. In addition to taking the time to screen and prepare candidates for open positions, a good recruiter will work to build a long-term relationship with the corporate client.