Skiing vs. Snowboarding – Which is Best for Beginners?


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Scott Robarge is an experienced senior recruiting professional who has served tenures as a manager and recruiter and part of the talent team with Greylock Partners. He has served as a founding principal with Another8 since 2010. In his free time, Scott Robarge enjoys both skiing and snowboarding.

Newcomers to the slopes are often unsure whether to choose skis or a snowboard. The right decision depends on a number of factors, including how quickly one wants to move through the various stages of skills development.

Conventional wisdom among winter sports enthusiasts holds that skiing is easier to learn but more difficult to master, while snowboarding is more difficult to learn but easier to master. In other words, skiing provides more immediate enjoyment for newcomers during their first day or two on the slopes. This holds true for two main reasons: because skis allow novices to separate their legs, they can throw one foot outward on either side to aid in balance. Further, skiing takes place in a straightforward body position that provides maximum peripheral vision on both sides.

Alternately, although they may initially be hindered by their inability to separate their legs, snowboarders ultimately regard this “hindrance” as an advantage. This is because crossing skis can have disastrous effects that snowboarders need not fear. It may take multiple days to figure out how to ride on the snowboard’s heel and toe edges, but after beginners learn this fundamental technique, they can begin to master difficult tricks relatively quickly.


Jason Hanson – An All-time Underrated Detroit Lions Great


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Jason Hanson

For more than 15 years, Scott Robarge has made a name for himself as a top identifier and recruiter of talent for clients across multiple industries. In his leisure time, Scott Robarge enjoys cheering on his favorite local sports teams, including the NFL’s Detroit Lions.

Names like Barry Sanders come to mind when discussing the all-time greats in Detroit Lions history. Yet there have been other players who have been just as important to the franchise but haven’t quite gotten their due. One of those players is longtime kicker Jason Hanson, who is arguably one of the most underrated players in the team’s history.

Hanson spent 21 seasons as the Lions kicker, yet only managed to be elected to two Pro Bowls during his tenure. He was a fixture for a team that spent most of his career in a state of flux and is currently fourth all-time in NFL scoring history. During his time in Detroit, he made 17 game-winning kicks, with nine of them coming in overtime. He also holds the record for most games with the same team and is a likely candidate to end up the NFL Hall of Fame.