LinkedIn Recruiter Spotlights is the New Smart Search Filter


LinkedIn Recruiter Spotlights pic

LinkedIn Recruiter Spotlights

An authority in talent acquisition and human resource consulting, Scott Robarge has over 15 years of experience recruiting a wide variety of roles for cutting-edge technology companies primarily in the Bay Area. In 2010, Scott Robarge founded Another8. This company capitalizes on its extensive relationship-based network and in-house collaborative technology to meet the current and long-term talent acquisition goals of early and mid-stage technology companies. As an expert in the industry, Mr. Robarge recognizes the importance of networking and the use of social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to marry talent and opportunity.

A popular professional networking platform, LinkedIn released several features and product updates in 2017. Among these was LinkedIn Recruiter Spotlights, which works to to advance the talent solutions’ core competency. While LinkedIn Recruiter alone is an effective search tool, the Spotlights feature gives a whole new meaning to the results.

Spotlights accelerates and streamlines the sourcing process by sorting for candidates who are likely to respond to job invitations, open to new opportunities, and engaged with the brand. Moreover, the new feature determines whether a candidate has previously applied for the position or not. For recruiters and hiring managers, LinkedIn Recruiter Spotlights brings them one step closer to finding the right fit for the organization.