An Overview of Greenhouse Recruitment Software


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Greenhouse Recruitment Software

The founder of Another8, Scott Robarge is an experienced and successful recruitment professional who has primarily focused on fast-paced technology companies based in California’s Bay Area. Over the course of his career as a recruiter, Scott Robarge has utilized a number of emerging recruitment technologies, including Greenhouse software.

Toward the end of 2013, Greenhouse released its innovative talent tracking and recruiting software to the general public. The software represented a significant improvement over traditional applicant tracking software (ATS). The outmoded ATS systems failed in a number of areas that are key to modern talent searches, such as the formation of a company-wide hiring plan, the creation of effective interview kits for different teams within the same organization, tips for insightful interview questions, and much more.

In addition to helping employers find and engage with potential employees, Greenhouse software can support businesses in determining how effective job advertisements and other outreach initiatives have been, as well as how to streamline future job offer promotions so that they reach the largest, most targeted audience possible. Greenhouse software has been used by a number of noteworthy businesses, including Airbnb and Gawker. More information is available at


Greenhouse Software Helps Recruiters Narrow Down Candidates

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With more than two decades of experience working in recruiting, Scott Robarge serves as principal and recruiter for Another8, which he also founded. The San Francisco Bay-area firm focuses on connecting professionals with venture-backed start-ups and other high-growth businesses. To help connect with more individuals, Scott Robarge draws on social and professional networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Greenhouse.

In late 2013, Greenhouse utilized $2.7 million in funding and opened its recruiting software to other companies to help with recruiting. Since many recruiters use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to seek potential matches, Greenhouse sought to update and address many of these recruiters’ needs that ATS weren’t meeting. The ATS searches through resumes for specific keywords and narrows down the list of potential candidates. Greenhouse focused its ATS on drawing up hiring plans, conducting structured interviews, and collecting feedback from these interviews.

As a result, Greenhouse clients have changed their hiring processes, making the transition more organized and efficient. The interview kits help managers and interviewers comprehend the entire process without constant training. They walk the recruiters through the entire program, from determining hiring needs to sourcing candidates and helping recruiters to make data-backed decisions.