Alzheimer’s Association Partners with Philanthropist in Fundraiser

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Alzheimer’s Association

In 2010, Scott Robarge founded Another8, a recruiting consultancy that helps meet the talent-acquisition goals of early- to mid-stage technology companies. Outside of his professional achievements, Scott Robarge is an active supporter of charitable organizations, and donates to the Alzheimer’s Association, the country’s premier voluntary health organization in Alzheimer’s care, support and research.

The Alzhemer’s Association recently announced that it is investing $7 million to support clinical trials that will target brain inflammation as a factor in developing Alzheimer’s disease therapy. The investment was made in partnership with a fundraising initiative called “Part the Cloud Challenge on Neuroinflammation,” led by Michaela “Mikey” Hoag, a philanthropist from Atherton, California. The fundraising drive aims to address a critical gap in the understanding and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. After her father died from Alzheimer’s and her mother began showing symptoms, Hoag decided to launch the initiative in order to raise awareness and advance studies in drug development that might otherwise be hampered by lack of funding.