Alzheimer’s Association’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s

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Alzheimer’s Association


Founder of the recruiting firm Another8, Scott Robarge is involved with a number of charitable organizations. Scott Robarge is especially supportive of the Alzheimer’s Association and other groups supporting Alzheimer’s research.

The Alzheimer’s Association hosts a number of events to raise money and awareness about Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, including the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Individuals interested in participating in the Walk can visit and use the search function to locate a nearby event, simply entering their address or Zip code into the appropriate search bar.

After finding a nearby Walk to End Alzheimer’s, individuals can sign up as group leaders, team members, or as individual participants. Interested walkers should then use the remaining days and weeks to raise money and awareness about their walk and the other ways to support the Alzheimer’s Association. Any person unable to find a nearby event or physically incapable of participating in a walk can make a direct donation at the Association website.


Detroit Pistons Signs Ray McCallum for 2016-2017 Season

Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons


The founder of recruiting firm, Another8, Scott Robarge has partnered with several firms in California, including SlideRocket, Mightybell, and Greylock Partners. During his free time, Scott Robarge follows professional basketball, and is a fan of the Detroit Pistons.

Recently, the Pistons signed veteran player Ray McCallum. The former University of Detroit Mercy standout is expected to be with the team for one year and will be battling Lorenzo Brown in training camp for the third point-guard spot. If he makes it, he will be working alongside the team’s top two point guards: Reggie Jackson and Ish Smith.

The 25-year-old McCallum was Sacramento’s 36th overall pick during the 2013 NBA draft, and spent his first two seasons playing for the Kings. Last season, he played 41 games for the San Antonio Spurs and the Memphis Grizzlies. McCallum’s best showing was during 2014-2015, when he averaged 7.4 points per game, 2.6 rebounds, and 2.8 assists.

Alzheimer’s Association Builds Supportive Communities in the US

Alzheimer’s Association pic

Alzheimer’s Association

Scott Robarge, a professional recruiter for fast-paced technology companies throughout the Bay Area, supports the Alzheimer’s Association. As a contributor, Scott Robarge helps the organization in its goals of augmenting support and care of patients living with the disease.

A top voluntary organization, the Alzheimer’s Association seeks to end the illness by furthering research, offering improved care, and encouraging healthy lifestyles. One way that the association does this is through eliminating the loneliness that Alzheimer’s patients and caregivers commonly experience. The organization develops communities through chapters based nationwide, giving local areas the support that they need.

The organization also hosts ALZConnected®, a free online community that is designed to help people who have Alzheimer’s or dementia. This includes family members, caregivers, friends, people who have lost loved ones, and Alzheimer’s patients.

Staff from the Alzheimer’s Association regularly hold educational sessions and support groups across the US. There is even a Community Resource Finder that offers assistance for housing, service, programs, care, and legal matters.

Resources for Reducing Mental Decline

Founder of Another8, Scott Robarge spends his days recruiting professionals for technology companies in the Bay Area. Away from his career, Scott Robarge is a dedicated supporter of the Alzheimer’s Association.

Exercising the brain aids in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. The Alzheimer’s Association states that brain fitness involves four factors, inclding a proper diet, physical exercise, social activity, and mental activity. The latter focuses on developing new connections and cells in the brain to deter mental decline.

Resources that can help a person build cognitive strength include the books Get Your Brain in the Fast Lane by Dr. Michel Noir and Bernard Croisile and The Memory Bible: An Innovative Strategy for Keeping Your Brain Young by Gary Small. Likewise, websites such as Luminosity offer more than 40 games that are specifically designed to train the brain. The science-based games focus on different areas, like memory and problem solving. To ensure constant mental fitness, Luminosity sends out training alerts that remind a person to play a game and try out experimental tools. Users can also access data on how other Luminosity members perform on an activity based on age groups.

The Walk to End Alzheimer’s – Fundraising to Fight the Disease

A recruiter with more than a decade of experience in the field, Scott Robarge founded Another8, a recruiting firm that specializes in partnering with early- to mid-stage technology companies, in 2010. Outside of work, Scott Robarge is a longtime supporter of the Alzheimer’s Association.

The nation’s leading Alzheimer’s disease advocacy, support, and research organization, the Alzheimer’s Association was established in 1980. With a vision of a world without the disease, the association provides care and support through local chapters, online resources, and a telephone helpline that gives advice and information to more than 250,000 callers every year.

The Alzheimer’s Association’s annual event, the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, is the largest awareness and fundraising event for the disease in the world. Although it has no entry fee, the association receives donations and pledges from the walkers. Nearly 500,000 walkers from more than 600 communities participate in the annual event. During the 2- to 3-mile route, participants wear wristbands with a Promise Garden flower that indicates their relationship to the disease. People with Alzheimer’s receive blue flower wristbands, while yellow flowers are for people who currently support or care for someone with the disease. Participants who have lost a loved one to Alzheimer’s receive purple flower wristbands, and orange flowers are for people who do not fall under the other categories but who support the association’s cause.

Recruitment Technology and the Job Candidate

Scott Robarge, founder of the recruiting firm Another8, draws on two decades of industry experience. Scott Robarge and his team of recruiters focus on identifying client company needs and recruiting candidates to meet those needs.

Although technology has been a part of the recruitment industry for a number of years, experts believe that it has not yet gone far enough beyond the simple digitization of job boards. For the most part, recruitment technology begins by attracting potentially qualified candidates and subsequently eliminating those without a particular qualification or skill set. Industry innovators suggest that a more proactive approach is needed, both to improve the quality of the applicant pool and to source those candidates who are not actively looking for employment.

According to recruitment executive Jon Bischke, many Generation Y professionals expect companies to come looking for them if an opportunity arises. This stems largely from the social media climate that enables each person to his or her own online brand and the ability to constantly market themselves with minimal effort. Recruitment technology companies are leveraging this attitude to create programs that track candidates and reach out to them on a regular basis, which ideally improves both the candidate experience and the hiring company’s chance of finding the most qualified individual.

Tech Jobs – Hiring and Salary Trends in Silicon Valley

With two decades of experience as a senior recruiter and business leader, Scott Robarge has served as the principal of his recruiting consultancy, Another8, since 2010. Scott Robarge and his team at Another8 recruit talent to fill a wide range of positions for early-stage and established technology companies.

In a January 2015 article, Forbes reviewed the hiring and salary status for tech jobs in cities around the country, including the Silicon Valley region. Forbes reported that Silicon Valley still ranks as the highest-paying location in the nation for tech jobs, with an average salary that increased by almost four percent from the previous year. Around the country, Forbes found that tech salaries have increased by two percent.

According to the technology job resource site Dice, a variety of Silicon Valley companies, ranging from industry giants such as Google to startup software firms such as Cloudera, are looking for tech staff. The president of Dice, Shravan Goli, stated that venture funding has remained plentiful, and noted that the largest job growth is in big data, cloud services, and mobile applications. Additionally, Doli has noticed that consumer Internet services, such as Uber, have been adding staff.