Applicant Tracking Systems in Employee Recruiting

Scott Robarge is an employee recruitment specialist in the San Francisco Bay area. For over 15 years, Scott Robarge has helped companies find and hire some of the most talented professionals in the market.

Increasingly, businesses and recruitment professionals are turning to applicant tracking system (ATS) software to help streamline and automate the hiring process. This software organizes information about individuals who are applying for employment at a company.

An ATS can assist in collecting data about applicants, screen potential applicants based on intake questions and resume content, and track applicant progress throughout the hiring process. Additionally, the software may be able to schedule appointments and interviews, initiate background checks, and keep records of communication with potential employees.

Businesses can save money by using an ATS to reduce the time it takes to hire new employees. At the same time, an ATS can help maintain a quality hiring process that is capable of finding the right talent for the job.


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