The Role of Mobile Technology in Recruiting Employees

Experienced talent consultant Scott Robarge serves as the founder of Another8 Solutions, a recruiting consultancy that works with early to mid-stage technology firms. As a skilled recruiting professional, Scott Robarge understands the ever-expanding role that technology plays in recruiting potential employees, as well as the current trends that are transforming the process.

In addition to increasing the use of social media as a recruiting tool, employers are beginning to recognize that mobile technology is changing the way people look for work; thus, employers are seeking ways to accommodate this change. For most companies, however, mobile optimization is falling short of current demand. In fact, a recent CareerBuilder survey revealed that less than one-quarter of Fortune 500 companies had mobile-friendly career sites. This despite the fact that a growing number of people are using mobile devices to search for jobs.

Moreover, many of these companies have focused their mobile-optimization efforts solely on device interface, ignoring the need to adjust their site’s content to be more mobile compatible. However, as the use of mobile technology continues to grow, it will become more and more important for companies to modify important recruiting content, such as job applications, to ensure that such content is suited for mobile users.


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