Scott Robarge’s Advice for Effective Recruiting Using Facebook

An experienced recruiter, Scott Robarge emphasizes the importance of technology and social media for businesses seeking new employees in today’s market. As Scott Robarge points out, Facebook remains the largest social media network, making it an excellent tool for recruiters. 

Companies should create a Facebook page for their products or services and can easily add a tab for available positions after creating an account. This tab allows potential employees to consider the available positions and apply to them without ever leaving the social network. 

Organizations focused on recruiting must consider the message that their posts send to possible employees. Once individuals “like” the company, they will receive updates in their newsfeed, which becomes the main platform for organizations to demonstrate what makes them different from other employers and give readers a sense of their unique culture. Posts should remain topical and engaging, making the company seem like a place where candidates would want to work. A company’s profile should provide a clear sense of its mission and goals while highlighting its strengths and notable past achievements.


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